Borrowing and Fines

Borrowing and Fines Policy

The Forbush Memorial Library has had a long history of keeping overdue charges to a minimum by only charging overdue fines for videos and DVDs. After an intensive six month review, it was found that many borrowers have not been returning materials in a timely manner.

To encourage our borrowers to return materials on time, the Forbush Board of Trustees voted to initiate an Overdue-Fines Policy beginning January 1, 2010. Here is the full ‘Borrowing and Fines Policy’:


Anyone living in Massachusetts who resides in cities or towns with a state certified library may borrow or request materials from the Forbush Memorial Library. Residents who reside in communities with decertified or closed libraries may not borrow or request materials, unless by specific exception voted on by the Trustees. (Any member of the public is welcome to use the computers or materials in the Library or attend programs in sponsored by the Library.)

Anyone wishing to borrow materials will need a card issued by the Forbush Memorial Library or another C/WMARS member library in Central Massachusetts. To apply for a library card, present picture identification with your address (e.g. driver’s license) and fill out an application. Children less than 16 years of age must have parental/guardian permission to have a library card.

If the Forbush Memorial Library does not have a book you need, we can obtain it for you from another library. Ask the librarian for help.

The Library has one book drop on the parking lot side of the building where materials may be left at any time.

Loan Periods

  • New adult fiction books circulate for 14 days.
  • All other books circulate for 21 days.
  • Audio books circulate for 21 days.
  • DVDs, videos and magazines circulate for 7 days.
  • Museum passes circulate for 24 hours.
  • Generally, library materials may be renewed once if no one else is waiting for them.

Lending Limits

  • There is a limit of 50 items at a time per library card.
  • There is a limit of three (3) DVDs/videos at one time per library card.

Overdue Fines

  • Books: $.10/day with a maximum of $3.00.
  • Magazines: $.10/day with a maximum of $3.00.
  • Audio books: $.10/day with a maximum of $3.00.
  • Videos and DVDs: $1.00/day with a maximum of $5.00
  • CDs (Music): $.10/day with a maximum of $3.00.
  • Museum passes: Varies: typically $5/day with a maximum of $15.00.
  • Items borrowed from other libraries…different fines may be applied.
  • Once fines reach $10.00, borrowing and computer privileges are suspended until the account is brought to under $10.00.

Overdue and Damaged Materials

  • Overdue fines stay on the borrower’s account until paid.
  • Overdue notices are sent by email about two weeks after the items are due.
  • Approximately four weeks later, a bill for these materials is mailed. At this time library privileges will be suspended until the material is returned, replaced, or the replacement cost and fees are paid.
  • A $5.00 billing charge will be added to each billed item. This charge will stay on the borrower’s record until paid (even if the borrowed item is returned or replaced) and be counted as part of the $10.00 maximum allowed for borrowing purposes
  • Under Massachusetts law, the borrower is responsible for the full cost of replacing lost or damaged items. Forbush Memorial Library will seek legal means if necessary to settle borrower’s accounts.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 11/12/2009

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