Child Safety

Child Safety Policy

In an effort to provide a Library environment that is safe and comfortable for all who use the Forbush Memorial Library, the Library Board of Trustees has adopted a policy regarding unattended children and child safety.

Unattended Children

  1. The safety of children left alone in the building is a serious concern. The Library is a public building that may attract persons whose interests in children may not be entirely wholesome. It is up to the parents or caregivers to attend young children at all times. Librarians, staff, and volunteers are NOT responsible for children who are unattended.
  2. Parents or caregivers may not leave children under the age of 10 years (or fifth grade or under) unattended in the Library.
  3. Children of middle school age (e.g. 11-13) may be left unattended for periods of time when attending library programs, doing research for school projects, or finding materials to check out. If children’s behavior disturbs other library users, the children will be asked to leave the building after being warned once.
  4. If an emergency exists, emergency personnel will be called first and then the parents/guardians, in that order.

Children ages 15 and under Left At Closing

  1. Should it appear that a child has been left at the Library without a ride or assistance home 30 minutes before closing time, an attempt will be made to contact an adult or a family member. Staff is NOT permitted to remain after closing time with a child or to give him/her a ride home.
  2. If an adult or family member cannot be reached, the Westminster police may be notified to escort the child home or keep the child until the parents can be reached. Staff will remain with the child until the police have arrived. The Library director will be notified and he/she will explain the policy to the parent/guardian and why the action was required.

Approved by the Forbush Board of Trustees on 10/07/2009

Guidelines for Parental/Guardian Responsibilities in the Children’s Room

This policy specifies the rights and responsibilities of parents/guardians of children who patronize the Library’s Children’s Room or elsewhere in the Library.

What parents/guardians should know about the Library

  • Sometimes books or DVDs housed in places other than the Children’s Room are meant for adult consumption and may not be appropriate for certain age groups, so parents/guardians need to be aware of what their children are reading, viewing, hearing, or borrowing.
  • The Board of Trustees adheres to the American Library Policy that all have the right for equal opportunity to read, to view, and to hear anything in the Library in accordance to the law.
  • The Library does not have filter software on its computers.
  • Everyone who patronizes the Library must adhere to Library policies (available on the Library’s webpage at
  • Library staff is NOT responsible for caring for patrons’ children.

Rights of children

  • All children have the right to enjoy the books, toys, and programs while in the Children’s Room.
  • All children have the right to use the internet workstation in accordance with the Internet Access Policy which specifies that a parent/guardian must accompany the child (age 10 or fifth grade or under) using the computer.
  • All children old enough to have a Library card and whose accounts are in good standing, may borrow materials in accordance with library borrowing rules and guidance from their parents/guardians.

Parents/guardians are responsible to see that children

  • Do not run around the Children’s Room or climb shelving
  • Do not fight with other children
  • Keep away from the parking lot door
  • Are accompanied by an adult at the bubbler/water fountain
  • Do not leave toys scattered about and clean up after themselves
  • Do not destroy Library property; mark up the furniture, windows, walls etc.
  • Adhere to appropriate and respectful behavior during story hour or other programs
  • Are not EVER left alone or unattended under the age of nine or fifth grade
  • Do keep Library accounts up to date

Agreed to by the Board of Trustees 05/05/10