We have a wide selection of books, audiobooks, and videos that can be downloaded to your electronic reading, listening or watching devices through the C/W Mars Digital Catalog.

To get started:

Click HERE and select “Devices” to find customized help for your phone, tablet, computer, Kindle, or Nook.

General information on which Apps to use for your specific device and how to complete that process are provided.  Once you have set up your device,  you are ready to begin borrowing!

To find materials, go to the digital catalog and sign-in with your library card. Browse for items of interest using the Search tool or peruse suggested categories.  

When you are ready to select an item, check to see if there are ‘Available Copies.’  If the catalog states, “Available copies: 0”  the item is not currently available to borrow.  

If you would still like to borrow the item, please “Place a Hold” on it.   Just like other library materials, when you “Place a Hold” on an item, you will be informed when that copy becomes available by email or phone.  Once the item is available, you can download the item to your device.

Please note that, just like print materials, there is also an option in the digital catalog’s search tool to select,  “show only titles with copies available.” Selecting this option insures you will only retrieve items that are available to borrow immediately.

Once you have chosen titles and put them in your Cart, you can complete the checkout procedure. When you click Download, it will automatically open in the OverDrive Media Console or Adobe Digital Editions.

Titles circulate for 7 to 14 days and automatically expire.

Having Difficulty?

Please feel free to call or come to the library with any questions.