Library Usage by Guests

Guest Policy


1. Anyone, including Guests, may use Forbush computers for the catalog and for email under the following circumstances:

• They present a valid ID of which the staff makes a copy.
• They adhere to the Library’s Internet Use Policy (including the 30 minute limit unless someone is waiting).

2. If a Guest needs to use the databases to which the Library subscribes, a member of the staff will log in the guest with a Library-owned card.
3. People from decertified Massachusetts communities may use Forbush computers including the databases.


1. People who are visiting Westminster residents or staying in town temporarily (e.g. on business or on vacation) may be awarded temporary borrowing privileges provided the Guest has a valid Westminster address (e.g. a camp, rental property, or place of overnight accommodation) and provides a valid picture ID showing his/her home address. Children under 18 would use their responsible parents’ address.
2. If the Guest is staying with a Westminster resident, the resident’s address may be used as the valid local address.
3. The period for which the card will be issued is for no more than one month.
4. The note will be placed in the Guest’s record that reads: “Temporary guest card expires mm/dd/yyyy.”
5. If the account is settled by the expiration date, the account will be deleted from the database.


Interlibrary loan services may not be extended to persons holding temporary guest cards.

Approved by the Forbush Memorial Library Board of Trustees: July 7, 2009