Home Delivery

Forbush Memorial Library offers a home delivery service for Westminster patrons who are homebound (unable to come to the library to pick up materials due to illness, accident, surgery, permanent disability, age, or other mobility issues). Short term and long term/permanent delivery service is available. An active library card is required to use this service.

The Forbush Memorial Library offers a homebound delivery service to our Westminster patrons of any age who are unable to visit the library. "Homebound" is defined as being generally confined to one’s residence either temporarily, due to illness, accident, or surgery, or permanently due to disability, age, or other mobility issues.

An application for Homebound Delivery Service can be filled out at the library, online, or mailed to patrons for completion.

How to Request Materials

Patrons will be able to select specific materials or have materials chosen for them by library staff or volunteers, checked out of the library via their library card, and delivered to their homes by volunteer library couriers.

What Can Be Borrowed

All circulating library materials currently available at Forbush Memorial Library, including books, magazines, recorded books, DVDs, and music CDs will be delivered to your home for a fixed loan period. Materials will be delivered and retrieved on the same day of the week. Items can be selected for patrons by title or author, or if you prefer, library staff will select a variety of materials based on your reading interests and preferences.

Delivery Schedule & Length of Borrowing

A group of volunteer library couriers have been recruited to deliver and retrieve library materials. All volunteers will be subject to a CORI check. The materials will be delivered to and retrieved from patrons in Books on Wheels book bags. The amount of materials to be delivered will be determined by the delivery bag size and types of materials to be delivered. Beyond that, the existing rules for loan periods will be the same for all holders of Forbush Memorial Library cards. Specifically, all Forbush Memorial Library materials will have a loan period of 3 weeks and will have 1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks with the exception of DVD loans which have a 1-week loan period and 1-week renewal period. Patrons would be responsible for getting these DVDs back to the library if it falls outside of the delivery period.


CW/Mars offers an auto renewal service and most renewals occur automatically allowing one renewal for an additional 3-week period. Exceptions are DVDs which renew for 1 additional week.

Late Fees:

To encourage our borrowers to engage in using library materials, the Forbush Board of Trustees voted to eliminate the overdue fines policy. However, items must be returned on the date due. Area libraries may have fine accrual policies in place and those patrons utilizing the CW/Mars Interlibrary Loan Borrowing System are subject to the fines imposed by the lending library.

Responsibilities & Terms of Service:

Patrons requesting delivery services must provide a safe and appropriate environment for staff members or volunteers who make deliveries to their homes. Patrons must protect all library materials while in their custody. Homebound delivery services will terminate when they are no longer needed or at the request of the patron or the patron’s representative. Forbush Memorial Library reserves the right to discontinue service at any time due to lost materials, scheduling conflicts, or other concerns.

Your volunteer will call you within 24 hours before each visit to pick up or deliver library materials so that you can agree on the time and details for the visit. Items must be received by the enrolled patron in person and will not be left unattended.

Download PDF

There are two ways to complete the application form for Homebound Delivery service:

• Download a PDF version of the form, which you can complete at home.

• Contact the Library Director via email or phone to have a paper copy of the form mailed to you.