Welcome to Westminster

Every year in March the library hosts an informational meeting for new and current Westminster residents who want to know how the town works. Anyone who moved to Westminster in the previous year will receive an invitation by mail, and the event is usually broadcast on AWCM-TV.

This is an opportunity to learn about life in Westminster, from “What the heck is a town meeting?” to “What programs does Parks and Recreation offer for my child?” Meet members of Town boards, committees, commissions and related groups and learn about their purpose and activities. 

Learn how to:

  • Access Crocker Pond
  • Locate hiking trails
  • Get potholes fixed
  • Pick up a landfill permit
  • Arrange curbside trash and recycling pick up
  • Register for youth activities
  • Locate the DPW

Also discover what’s happening in town:

  • Youth activities
  • Library book sales
  • Town-wide Yard Sale
  • Church fairs
  • Summer band concerts

Materials from our March 2023 program are available at the Main floor circulation desk, DPW, and Town Hall.